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Square Enix Sale


Square Enix sale live now. Square Enix created many awesome games and now all these games are on huge discount price. Some list of games which are on sale has given below. You can visit their official website to check out all the games and their discount price. FINAL FANTASY┬« XIV DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION ANACHRONOX BATTLESTATIONS COLLECTION BLACK THE FALL COLLECTOR’S EDITION BUST A MOVE...

Shadow of Tomb Raider free trial


Shadow of Tomb Raider is now on free trial. You can download this game for free as a free trial and buy the game later if you want to continue playing this game. Shadow of Tomb Raider is available for download on Steam, Xbox one and on PS4. System requirements given below. In the Free Trial for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you have full access to the opening levels of the critically acclaimed...

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