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Dota 2 FROSTHAVEN event

Dota 2 announced Rubick Arcana & Frosthaven Event This update brings lots of new SPELL EFFECTS, GINGERBREAD BABY ROSHAN and many other changes. You can learn more about all the changes by visiting their official website.

dota 2 frosthaven
Source:- Dota 2

A new special game mode available through January 3rd.

Featuring all-new custom animations and effects—including 115 custom stolen spell effects, dynamic cape colors, and more animations than any other hero in the game—the Magus Cypher Arcana has helped Rubick unlock a deeper mastery in manipulating the arcane arts. No longer content just to mimic the spells of his enemies, Rubick can now alter the very core of the magic used against him, changing it to his liking and casting it back with his own signature style.

Source :- dota 2

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