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PUBG Mobile Monster Hunting mode is coming in the next update to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

PUBG Mobile Monster Hunting
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In this update players need to hunt monsters for loot. The players outside China can’t hunt monsters. For players who are not located in China will get Zombie mode come in the next update of PUBG. This update will release at the end of January 2019.  This update comes with new weapons and vehicles.

What new in the ‘PUBG Mobile Monster Hunting’ mode?

In the Monster Hunting mode, the players are required to carry out monster hunts for loot. These monsters will be Chinese mythical creature-looking monsters. To play, you will first need to set off the statues placed around the map in the Monster Hunting Mode. Following are the new wepons and vehicles.

  1. Snow Bike
  2. Vikendi Weather (Day, Moonlight, and Snow)
  3. New Weapons
  4. Footprints
  5. New Voice Chats
  6. Vikendi Stable Map
  7. Mk47 Mutant
  8. FPP Driving
  9. New Vehicle Tuksai

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